If you’re thinking about redesigning your kitchen, find some inspiration with the current countertop trends that you might want to incorporate in your next home upgrade project.

Vibrant Designs for Statement Countertops

Subtle variations of marble and granite, with minimal veining, can instill a calming ambiance in your kitchen, allowing for more adventurous choices in other design aspects like mosaic backsplash tiles or vibrant cabinetry. Nonetheless, one of the latest trends gaining traction in countertop design is the incorporation of bold patterns to make a striking statement.

Exquisite veining and captivating patterns have become immensely popular, injecting visual allure into kitchens that have traditionally favored neutral hues and restrained variation.

If you’re drawn to the maximalist aesthetic in kitchen design, consider starting with a daring countertop as the focal point, then layering in additional colors, textures, and patterns through elements like backsplash tiles, wallpaper, and fixtures.


Greige Color Palettes

Greiges, blending gray and beige hues, have emerged as the favored neutral palette, supplanting the cooler grays that have dominated interior design in recent years. These warmer tones strike a balance that complements both warm and cool color schemes, serving as an inviting foundation for any room’s decor.

If greige cabinets or wall paint aren’t your preference, consider incorporating greige tones into your countertop surface. Alternatively, you could opt for a quartz design featuring gentle swirls of soft white, taupe, and contrasting dark gray. Greiges provide a contemporary spin on the enduring gray neutral trend, infusing warmth and adaptability into your countertop selection.

Matching Slab Counter and Full-Height Backsplash

For years, tile has been the preferred choice for backsplashes alongside marble, granite, and quartz countertops. While there’s no shortage of tile options that enhance the overall kitchen aesthetic, the decision-making process can be challenging, requiring consideration of factors such as potential outdated tile patterns or the need for regular grout cleaning.

This could explain the rising popularity of coordinating slab backsplashes with countertop surfaces.

Marble countertops exemplify the beauty of extending marble from the counter to a full-height backsplash, effectively establishing focus and unity in your space. This approach also simplifies cleaning and maintenance, as all surfaces are the same.


Large Waterfall Islands

Waterfall islands serve as a stunning enhancement to contemporary kitchens. Extending marble or granite seamlessly over the edge and allowing it to cascade down to the floor enhances the visual allure of the chosen stone, creating a focal point within the room.

A recent trend in countertops involves adding waterfall counters to oversized islands to really show off the stature of a central gathering spot. Oversized islands provide ample additional storage space, with enough room to accommodate a prep sink or stovetop.

Farmhouse Finishes

Embracing a blend of old and new – a contemporary kitchen design incorporating rustic elements such as brickwork, textured wood, and natural stone. When selecting countertops to complement this style, opt for colors and patterns that exude a warm, rustic charm.

If you want something a little less dramatic, consider the soothing striations of quartzite for your rustic countertop instead.


The Quartz Craze

Engineered quartz has ascended in popularity in the realm of countertops, and its appeal is readily apparent.

Crafted from over 90% crushed quartz and combined with binding resins and pigments for color, engineered quartz provides comparable strength and durability to natural stone. Moreover, it requires minimal maintenance (no sealing) and boasts the antimicrobial advantages of a nonporous surface.

Whether you’re in search of ideas for your kitchen renovation or have already found a countertop surface you adore, Landmark Countertops is the place to explore and discover the slab that resonates with your vision.